Air Presses


This versatile, all steel constructed, 1/2 ton air press (tonnage based on 80 psi) can be used in punching, crimping or forming your product assembly. It can be easily tooled or retooled using inexpensive, standard die sets.

The press features standard no-touch buttons which are superior to mechanical push buttons. Just the presence of your fingers on these photoelectric buttons interrupts the infrared sensing beam to turn the switch on. It stays on as long as your fingers remain in place. This eliminates hand, wrist and arm stress associated with repeated, mechanical switch operation which greatly reduces the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Filter/regulator and gage
  • Dual, anti-tiedown, no-touch ergonomic actuation
  • Large, emergency stop button
  • 4" X 6" opening in back plate for blow-off or part feed
  • Large 8"x8" tapped bolster plate for easy tool setup
  • Drilled hold-down feet for easy mounting to a bench

TSN079 - 1/2 Ton Air Press

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Close-up of
filter/regulator gage


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