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The 2080 Spin Welding System is an economical rotational welding system. This welder features touch screen control for weld time, weld distance, hold time, teach position, and deviation. This system can be integrated with our line of accessories by attaching them to the standard connector that ships with all of our systems. This machine is very competitive in price with other machines of equal power currently on the market. This spin welder is effective in welding parts of up to 6" in diameter for most thermoplastics.

Standard Features

  • Touch Screen Control with imbedded PLC
  • Adjustable hydraulic linear decelerator
  • Photo optic start controls
  • Precision slide actuator with heavy duty linear rails and roller bearings
  • Adjustable flo-controls for head speed adjustment
  • Linear encoder to assure final welded position

Power requirements: 110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current draw @ full rated output: 5 amps

Pneumatic requirements:
Air Cylinder - Clean, dry air @ 80-100 psi
Air Motor - Lubricated Air @ 80-100 psi

Maximum force: 120 lbs @ 100 psi
Maximum RPMs: 20,000 RPMs
Stroke length: 4” (10.16 cm)
Head adjustment 4” to 16”
Weight: 82 lbs

Optional Features

  • Manual or Pneumatic Slide Table
  • Modular units without base for automation applications
  • Rotary turntable and additional automation available

TSW001 - Spin Welder

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