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2020 & 2020HD Automation Unit

These pneumatically-operated, bench top systems develop 120 pounds of down force and are ideal for smaller inserts or stakes up to 1/4". The 2020HD (Heavy Duty), has 1/4 ton of force and can do several stakes or inserts up to 3/8". These automation units are ideal for high production lines. An input from the customer is required to start the cycle.


  • Adjustable mechanical stop for accurate tool adjustment
  • Dual ram speed for decreased cycle time
  • Digital readout, dwell timer for repeatable process control
  • Thermal probe with built-in thermocouple
  • 3" x 4" platen for upper tooling
  • 80-999 degree F. operating range +/-2 degree accuracy
  • A microprocessor-based, digital display controller for accurate temperature regulation
  • Non-asbestos insulator; flow controls for adjustable stroke speeds; air filter regulator
  • Adjustable shock absorber for controlling tooling advance

Additional Features for the 2020HD:

  • 1/4 ton down force
  • Ability to do multiple stakes

Power requirements: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current draw @ full rated output: 5 amps
Pneumatic requirements: Clean, dry air @ 100 psig
Maximum Force: 120 lbs @ 100 psig
(500 lbs @ 100 psig for the 2020HD)
Stroke length: 4" (10.16 cm)
Weight: 72 lbs

(Quoted Upon Request)
Manual or Pneumatic Slide Table
Manual or Pneumatic Rotary Turntables
Note: Pneumatic Slide and Rotary table can only be used on our "H" Series Machines which have a PLC
Additional automation per request
Modular units without base or column for automation applications
Post cooling system
Part Hold Down Plungers
One additional zone


TBY092 - Automation 2020
TBY098 - Automation 2020HD

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