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The 2040 is a customized system capable of many simultaneous operations, and one unit can often solve production problems that would otherwise require multiple assembly systems.

It can work on multiple planes, large parts or combined processes during a single cycle. Mounted on the tooling platen are custom-designed thermal probes. Each probe is individually monitored by a microprocessor-based, digital display temperature controller.

A pneumatically-operated slide allows parts to be placed into the holding fixture quickly and safely, away from the press area. The tooling platen is easily removable for fast tooling changeovers. Tools of different lengths, and for different tasks, can be combined on the same tooling platen. Multiple parts can be fixtured for simultaneous processing. The 2040 assembles parts up to 24"x24" and six to 20 zones are available.


  • Microprocessor-based, temperature controller with digital set point and process value readout
  • Dwell timer with digital readout for set time and process time
  • Adjustable, locking, micrometer depth stop with .001" increments
  • Dual, anti-tiedown, no-touch ergonomic actuation
  • Emergency disconnect for all electronics and pneumatics
  • 60 thru 3,000 lbs. of operating force
  • Machine base with locking castors

Power requirements: 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current draw @ full rated output: 25.5 amps
Pneumatic requirements: Clean, dry air @ 100 psig
Maximum Force: 3,000 lbs @ 100 psig
Stroke length: 4" (10.16 cm)
Weight: Varies

(Quoted Upon Request)
Internal part-clamping mechanism
Larger assembly platen sizes available
Extended shut height available


TBY018 - 2040 Unit
(Custom Quoted, Call to order)

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