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Multi-cavity molds often produce inconsistent parts which are difficult to weld without shimming or jack screws. Toman's Hydraulic and Mechanical Squaring Bases assure automatic, equal welding pressure on irregularly shaped, circular or multi-cavity parts.

In the hydraulic base, the top plate is supported by four steel pistons. In the mechanical system, the top plate is mounted to a center bearing with a high-compression steel spring at each corner. In each case, the base automatically squares the part with the horn, eliminating the need for shimming or jack screws. The standard size base is ideal for ultrasonic welding while the dial size works well on a dial table. For small, single-part applications, see our Quick-Change Fixturing Modules.

  • Fit most brands of ultraonic welders
  • Work well with large, hot-stamped parts
  • Reduce scrapped parts during setup and operation
  • Square without shims or jack screws to save hours in setup time
  • Comes with buttonhead screws, 7/32 T-handle wrench and instructions

TSN046 - Standard Size, Hydraulic Squaring Base

TSN049 - Dial Size, Hydraulic Squaring Base

TSN112 - Standard Size, Mechanical Squaring Base

TSN049 - Dial Size, Mechanical Squaring Base

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Easily mounts to most ultrasonic welder bases. The base tilts in all direction to assure even pressure applied to the part by the ultrasonic welding horn.    





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