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Wondering exactly what amplitude is being generated by your ultrasonic welder, convertor and booster? Find out with the Amplitude Test Horn. Or if you're concerned about the condition of your convertor and power supply, check their performance with the Convertor Test Horn.

Amplitude Test Horns

 Use these horns in conjunction with the Toman Amplitude Gage to measure the exact amount of amplitude being generated by your 20 kHz or 15 kHz welder, convertor and booster. The amplitude test horns have no built-in gain, so the amplitude you measure at their face is the actual amplitude being generated by your convertor and booster.

  • Made of anodized aluminum

TSN057 - 20 kHz Test Horn
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TSN124 - 15 kHz Test Horn
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20 KHZ Convertor Test Horn

This inexpensive, 4" diameter horn makes it easy to check the performance of your convertor or a 20 kHz power supply up to 3,000 watts. By using this horn and a pan of water, it increases the load of the machine enough to test for cracked crystals in the convertor or damaged transistors in the power supply.

  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Comes with easy instructions

TSN116 - 20 kHz Convertor Test Horn
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