Why Choose Thermal To Assembly Your Parts

-Thermal machines cost less.  
-Thermal tooling usually costs less and lasts longer.  
-Thermal units are extremely quiet.  
-Thermal welds are 20% stronger.  
-Inserting into filled material can be accomplished with less damage to the inserts with a thermal unit.  
-Multiple stakes and inserts at different levels can be accomplished simultaneously with a thermal unit.  
-Different sized inserts can be driven simultaneously with a thermal unit.  
-Larger inserts or more inserts can be driven with one cycle
of a thermal press than with an ultrasonic press.
-Thermal units work well on glass and mineral-filled resins.  
-There is less damage or marking on the face of a molded part with a thermal unit.  
-There is less mechanical force and therefore less stress on the part with a thermal unit.  
-The thermal staking process is less likely to split the boss or damage other components.  
-Thermal Assembly is very quiet compared to ultrasonic assembly.  
-Thermal machine have very low maintenance cost.  
-Reported to have 10% to 20% stronger holding retention for stakes and inserts.  
-There are much fewer material limitations with the thermal assembly process  

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